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16 August 2013
TradeXchange® eCO Preparation Service

The new TradeXchange® eCO Preparation Service is specially designed to increase productivity and improve application turnaround time for electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO).

This service enables the re-use of data from Customs’ approved permit to apply for eCO. By subscribing to this service, agents applying for eCO no longer need to complete the application forms manually. 10 out of 13 data fields, including data-intensive field like Description of Goods, are extracted from the approved permits and auto-populated in the authorised agent’s eCO preparation. By re-using the data from Singapore Customs’ approved permits, the accuracy of the pre-populated data is assured. This greatly cuts down the eCO application time and minimises data entry errors.

Every TradeXchange® eCO draft used is charged at $0.50, subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax. To celebrate the launch, users get to enjoy this service free-of-charge until 31 December 2013.

To find out more about this service, you can either email to or contact CrimsonLogic for further discussion: 

Chan Peng (Mr)
DID: 6887 7179
H/P: 9117 2119

Christiana Leow (Ms)
DID: 6887 7757
H/P: 9618 9045

Edwin Wuu (Mr)
DID: 6887 7281
H/P: 9793 1979


28 June 2013
Launch of Permit Return Service

The Permit Return service has gone live on 3 May 2013, with notable companies like Hitachi Data Systems on board.

With this service, Shippers no longer need to wait for their Declaring Agents to send them hardcopies of the Customs’ approved permits. Instead, the approved permits (in PDF and XML formats) can be securely sent to the shippers and their authorised partners via TradeXchange® instantly.

Each approved permit returned is charged at S$0.18, subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax. Furthermore, charges for the DocX Account ID and up to six User IDs are waived until 31 December 2014.

For more details on this service, please click here


01 April 2013
TradeXchange® Services* Price Revision and Upcoming New Services

With effect from 1 May 2013, the subscription and transaction fees of the TradeXchange® services* will be revised (valid from 1 May 2013 to 31 December 2014).
*The revised fees will be applied to:
·         Trade Permit Preparation
·         Marine Cargo Insurance
·         Trade Finance
We also have two upcoming new services on TradeXchange®  - Permit Return and eCO Preparation.  For more information, please feel free to contact us at

Click here for more details.


13 June 2011
Availability of Document Standards

Industry participants have come together to develop and implement the following specifications to facilitate B2B document exchanges:  
    1.    Marine Cargo Insurance (Singapore Marine Cargo Insurance Specification Version 1.40)
    2.    Trade Finance (Trade Finance Specification Version 1.00)
    3.    Trade Permit (Shipment Detail Specification Version 1.02)

To obtain the specifications, kindly put forth your request to:
Mr Chan Peng
DID: 6887 7179



31 January 2012
TradeXchange® Case Studies

Since its launch in October 2007, TradeXchange® is constantly improving its system by collaborating with parties across the supply chain to integrate their systems.

The following studies present the significant improvements brought about by the implementation of TradeXchange® - a multi-party collaborative platform for the trade, finance and logistics communities.

Trade Permit Chain

Through TradeXchange®, shipment information is extracted from the shipper’s backend system to auto-populate TradeNet® for trade declaration. This cuts down the permit preparation time and eliminates data entry errors from the Logistics Service Providers. Xilinx Asia, the world’s leading provider of programmable platforms in the semi-conductor industry, leveraged on TradeXchange® to enable shipment details to be used for permit declarations without the need for manual entries.


Click here for the Xilinx Asia case study.


Marine Cargo Insurance Chain

Through TradeXchange®, Forwarders enjoy the convenience of up to 90% reduction in the preparation and processing time for marine cargo insurance application. In 2011, Tri-Line adopted MarineOne, a service offered by CrimsonLogic e-Trade Services.  It leverages on DocX, a repository service on the TradeXchange® platform that allows seamless connectivity to its business partners; boosting work productivity and efficiencies.


Click here for the Tri-Line case study.


QBE, a leading marine cargo insurance company in Singapore, worked with CrimsonLogic eTrade to streamline electronic submissions of trade declarations and marine cargo insurance applications through TradeXchange®.


Click here for the QBE case study.


Trade Finance Chain

Through TradeXchange®, trade financing documents can be exchanged electronically and securely among Suppliers, Buyers and Banks. Leveraging on TradeXchange®, SESAMi introduced an e-Finance programme, which helps its existing customers and DBS to save time on trade finance processes.


Click here for the Sesami-DBS case study.


19 August 2011
Xilinx Asia Pacific Goes Live with Trade Permit Integrated Chain, streamlining trade permit processes through TradeXchange

Xilinx Asia Pacific, its express transportation service provider and Kewill Pte Ltd have successfully implemented the Trade Permit Integrated Chain on the TradeXchange® Platform on July 2011. This strategic collaboration is the 1st Consortium to integrate their trade permit processes through TradeXchange®.

TradeXchange® is a secure and neutral platform to enforce open data and interface standards for the Trade Permit integrated chain. With the use of open (non-proprietary) data and interface standards, companies can now easily integrate their trade permit processes and systems through TradeXchange®.

This integration by Xilinx, with the help of Kewill, greatly automates the effort by its express transportation service provider to enter trade permit information and enhances the accuracy of permit submissions. It is estimated that the consortium (Xilinx and FedEx Express) would achieve a more than 50% improvement in productivity.


20 January 2011
Launch of DocX

In our continuing efforts to enhance trade facilitation and documentation, TradeXchange® has introduced Document Exchange (DocX) since 20 January 2011, to enable easy and secure sharing of electronic documents among authorised business partners in finance management, marine cargo insurance, freight management and other trade-related areas.

Safeguarding data with authorization and digital signature features, DocX also tracks and traces documents easily by prompting users with alerts and notifications on document delivery status.

Since DocX has gone live, companies such as CrimsonLogic eTrade Services and QBE Insurance have been using this service.

Click here for DocX Interface Specifications details.


28 March 2009
Integrating Trade and Logistics Processes through TradeXchange® Call For Callboration (CFC)

Launched in October 2007, TradeXchange® provides a neutral and secure IT platform that enables the seamless exchange of information within the trade and logistics community. This common platform will provide greater operation efficiency and clearer visibility to businesses across the supply chain.

Singapore Customs, Economic Development Board, SPRING Singaproe and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore is jointly issuing this Call for Collaboration (CFC), to invite companies in the trade and logistics sectors to form consortia to integrate its key trade and logistics IT systems, business processes and data through TradeXchange®.

By integrating the IT systems, business processes and data through TradeXchange®, it is envisaged that the businesses will enjoy greater operational efficiencies, clearer supply chain visibility, faster shipment turnaround and productivity due to more timely exchanges if information and documents across their partners in the value chain. To the IT service providers, TradeXchange® will provide a one-stop connection hub to enable them to expand their service offerings and provide a more efficient end-to-end solution to their customers.

Details of the CFC and Public Briefing are available on the TradeXchange®website after 27 March 2009. The Public Briefing will be held on 3 April 2009 and submissions will be closed on 15 June 2009 at 1700hr. Submission deadline is now extended to 15 July 2009, 1700hrs.

Please click here for more details.


06 December 2007
TradeXchange® goes live to enhance connectivity for the Singapore trade and logistics community

CrimsonLogic, together with the Value-Added Service Providers of TradeXchange®, congratulates the Singapore Government for the successful commission of TradeXchange®, thereby enhancing Singapore’s competitiveness as the global trading hub.

Launched in October 2007, TradeXchange® is a neutral and secure trade platform that facilitates the exchange of information within the trade and logistics community. It provides seamless inter-connectivity among commercial and regulatory systems for the Singapore trade and logistics community.

TradeXchange® also facilitates seamless Business-to-Business (B2B) trade with the provision of Value-Added Services, which enrich the TradeXchange® platform by complementing the Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Some Value-Added Services that are connected to TradeXchange® are: trade document preparation, supply chain management, logistics and freight management, and trade finance and insurance.

For more information, please contact

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31 October 2007
Promotional Pricing Plans for TradeXchange® Services

To encourage early adoption of the TradeXchange® Services (exclude TradeNet®), discounts will be offered on certain charges incurred up to 31 October 2008. To find out more, contact us at


05 April 2007
Release of TradeXchange® Message Specifications

The Overseas Highway Customs Message Specification (Release 1.0) is ready for release. There are also updates to the Critical System Message Specification (Release 1.2), Overseas Highway Manifest (Sea) Message Specification (Release 1.6), and Shipping Line Linkage Message Specification (Release 1.2)

If you would like to receive any of the above message specification, please send in a
VAS Service Request


16 October 2006
New Pricing Plan for TradeXchange® Services

A new pricing plan for TradeXchange® services has been released. Contact us at for details.


21 July 2006
Hong Kong manifest submission is now available!

In addition to sending advanced manifest data electronically to United States, Canada and Australia, you can now send directly to Hong Kong.


28 June 2006
Release of Overseas Highway Manifest Submission message specification

Message specification for the submission of cargo and conveyance electronic information to Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Advance Commercial Information (ACI) system, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Automated Manifest System (AMS), and Australia Customs Service’s (ACS) Integrated Cargo System (ICS) is now available.




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